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Port Placement

Port Placement

What is a Port?

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A port is a small device with a hollow space inside that is sealed by a soft top. The port is connected to a small flexible tube called a catheter.

There are different kinds of ports. Your doctor will select the one that is designed for your treatment.

How does the port work?

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The port acts like an IV to the bloodstreatm. A special needle is inserted just below the surface of your skin and into the port so that medications and fluids can be given, and blood samples withdrawn.

Where is the port placed?

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In a short procedure, the port is implanted, which means it is placed completely beneath your skin, and the catheter is inserted inside a blood vessel.

Port are usually implanted on the upper chest. The doctor will locate yours where it is best suited for your treatment.

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In very special cases port may also be implanted in forearm. Arm port has very special design and is light weight.