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Tongue Cancer Surgery

Tongue Cancer In Ahmedabad

Introduction to Tongue Cancer Doctor in Ahmedabad

Tongue Cancer starts in the cells of the tongue and it can cause lesions or tumors on your tongue. Tongue Cancer may occur on the front of the tongue, it is called “oral tongue cancer”, or it may occur at the base of tongue, near where it attaches to the bottom of the mouth, it is called ‘oropharyngeal cancer’. Squamous cell carcinoma is noticed as the most common type of cancer, this type of cancer can occur, on the surface of the skin, in the lining of mouth, nose, larynx, thyroid, and throat, in the lining of respiratory and digestive tracts. Dr Bhargav Maharaja is specialist of tongue cancer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you find tongue cancer doctor in Rajasthan, Udaipur, Jaipur. He is one of the top tongue cancer in Rajkot, Baroda and best tongue cancer doctor near me.


There are many chances that tongue cancer would not lead any symptoms especially when cancer would be developing at base of the tongue, Most common symptoms which have been noticed generally in tongue cancer is sore on the tongue which does not heal and bleeds easily. A patient may feel a mouth or tongue pain also.

Some of the symptoms of tongue cancer are:-

Reason for Tongue Cancer

Like many other types of Cancer, there are no confirm reason available for the origin of Tongue Cancer. However, some conditions can increase the risk of tongue cancer these are the following:-


Tongue Cancer treatment depends on the size and how far cancer has spread, a patient may need only one treatment or maybe the combination of treatments. Early mouth cancer which has not spread can usually be treated with a small operation; large tumors usually need to be removed with a surgical procedure, a partial glossectomy, in which part of the tongue is removed. If doctors remove a large piece of your tongue, it is quite obvious that reconstruction surgery will take place. For the process of reconstruction, the doctor may take a piece of skin or tissue from another place of the patient’s body and use it to rebuild the tongue. A goal of glossectomy and reconstruction surgery is to remove cancer while minimizing damage to mouth.

When through Glassectomy big tumor is removed, it can lead to severe changes or a side effect, which includes how the patient eat, breathe, talk and swallow. In some cases, speech or talk therapy can help to cover-up those side effects. If cancer has spread to lymph nodes, it demands surgical removal for them. Big tongue tumors demand the combination of surgery and radiation so that removal of all tumor cells could take place. This procedure may lead to side effects such as dry mouth and taste change.

Chemotherapy, in a combination of surgery or radiation, can be recommended by surgeons to treat and to reconstruct.


Taking care of your mouth is the first step to avoid tongue cancer, you should be little more careful for your oral hygiene, following are some precautions to be taken:-

Dr. Bhargav Maharaja is mouth cancer specialist and has rich experience of 22 years in cancer surgeries, Cancer patients prefer to visit him, as he has an observing eye and gripping mind to understand different symptoms of mouth cancer and suitable treatment or surgery for them.